Edits in "View" simulation file--do they transfer to Try and Test?

Mar 01, 2013

I am new to using Storyline, and I have a question:

If I have created a simulation using the Record screen feature, and have completed edits for the simulation, do I lose all my edits if I try to create a Try and Test simulation using the same file with the saved edits? I'm  sure there must be a way that you can use the same file and create a Try and Test simulation, but I can't find anything in the tutorials about it. Please tell me I don't have to start over and do the edits again on each version!


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Laurence Lloyd


Thank you for your quick response! However, I still appear to be having an issue. I created a recording, and made some edits (covered up sensitive information with boxes, adjusted the mouse path, etc), and saved it. I then followed the directions in the tutorial you pointed me to and tried to use that edited version to created a Try simulation. It created the simulation, but wihtout any of the edits--it was the original file, untouched by me. Do you have any idea how that could've happened/how to fix this?

Adrian Dean

Howdy Laurence,

I apologize. I misunderstood and after checking on some things myself, it appears I got it wrong. While you can edit a screencast once its been inserted, you can't use the same process as before to insert that edited screencast as a try scene.

In other words, the edits you make will only apply to that inserted video and any copies of it that you paste on other slides. This means that when you insert a screencast as a try scene, you will have to redo the edit process again for each slide as needed.

Again, I apologize.


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