Jan 20, 2015

Is anyone using Storyline in the EdX LMS?  I'm looking for a best way to upload content.  At the moment, it looks like I'd need to capture SL as an mp4.

Is there any way to upload web html?


I raised this question in another thread that hasn't got much traction.

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Corinne Trout


I know this is an older thread but thought I'd ask incase things had changed with time. Our program is looking at potentially switching or also using EdX (currently we use D2L and I have been successful in uploading SL2 projects into this LMS), any idea if Storyline 2 or 3 (we have SL2) would be compatible with EdX at this point?

Thank you,


Alejandro González

Corinne, I may have an answer for you.

The guys at Open edX have a YouTube channel in which they discuss their developing roadmap. I watched the last presentation they published just before their congress in Madrid on May and they actually said, if memory serves, something like they're not interested in developing SCORM compliance or even compatibility. It is out of their roadmap.

Hope that helps.

Nate Aune

I'm Nate from Appsembler and happy to answer any questions about uploading Articulate Storyline content into Open edX using our SCORM XBlock.

While edX, Inc. may have no plans to add SCORM support to Open edX, thanks to the XBlock plugin architecture, we can extend the core functionality with our SCORM XBlock and offer this to our customers and the wider community.

Please reach out to me if you'd like to learn more.


Karen Sugalski

Hi Nate, 

ive been hired by a major university to create a bunch of courses. I’m so used to Storyline being able to create interesting interactive work that I almost gave up the job when I thought I had to use edx studio. I’d like to learn more about your app that will allow SL to upload to edx.  Thanks.

Brian Caudill


The way it would work is that your client would need to integrate the SCORM XBlock into their current edX installation. The SCORMXBlock would then allow your client to play SCORM courses within edX. Here is an article about the software https://www.appsembler.com/blog/getting-scorm-content-into-open-edx-with-the-scorm-xblock/

The SCORM XBlock uses the JCA Solutions Simple SCORM LMS Adapter to load and play courses. You can find out more information about that tool at https://www.jcasolutions.com/ssla

Brian C.

Adrian van Eeden

I'm not an expert but have been doing a lot of research into future-proof content-platform integration.  I'm seeing more and more providers dropping support for SCORM because it no longer seems to be under development.  To the best of my knowledge the last edition was released almost 10 years ago.  Moodle stopped supporting SCORM upgrades at 1.2 (2001). Microsoft just dropped SCORM publishing from Office Mix in favour of LTI and I think Open EdX consumes LTI natively but can only take on SCORM through the likes of XBlock.  As an outside observer, I think the content designers are behind the curve and need to really start rethinking their product architecture.  The trend is moving away from LMS as a CMS where you "stick a wrapped package inside the LMS" to an aggregation of distributed content, where we can host and / or consume objects anywhere, with the hub being for student authentication and flow (what LTI seems to be positioned for) records, and big data analytics (xAPI I think). 

We use Articulate but I've started looking at more native HTML5 and CSS design until these tools catch up.  I'm not even sure the LMS providers have figured out the potential of the new standards yet.  There may be a few Kodak moments in store for some of the EdTech providers in the next few years.

Patrick Miller

Articulate now supports the TinCan Api (xAPI) standard which is an improvement over Scorm.  So if an LMS can run xAPI modules it can also emit xAPI event data to an LRS.  As far as we know,  Moodle and Blackboard are the only  major LMS's that support running native xAPI articulate and Captivate modules.   We are a university and have some instructors that want to run their Articulate modules in our LMS but ours also does not support running TinCan API so we are embarking on a pilot to run our modules on Moodle in collaboration with a nearby college that runs Moodle as their LMS and then connect via LTI in which Moodle will be the LTI provider and our Sakai LMS will be the consumer. We hope to also do the same with OpenEdX which supports LTI as well.  We also plan to connect the Articulate Module in Moodle to our LRS to capture the xAPI data.