Efficient Use of Sound Effects

May 31, 2014


I have a question about the best practices for repeatedly using the same sound effects over and over.  I am designing a quiz game that will consist of > 50 questions.  I want a positive/happy sound effect to play when the viewer gets the correct answer and a negative sound effect to play when the viewer gets the answer wrong.  I want to display these questions randomly so I will likely be using a question bank.  

I have heard that every time you import a sound effect onto a slide it adds to the ultimate file size of the storyline product.  Is there a way I can import these sounds once but use them repeatedly for multiple slides?  I think you can do this using slide layers but then I won't be able to randomize my questions using a question bank.  Maybe I could import them to the master slide to cut-down on the ultimate file size that way? 

Thanks very much in advance for any help you can provide.

Brian Gibbens, Ph.D.

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Steve Flowers

Hey Brian,

If you use the import feature, it will add to the file size on each import. However, if you copy and paste between slides or use the Feedback master to play the audio, the files will only be stored and exported once.

The feedback masters apply to layers. To see this easily and quickly, go to the feedback master for Correct Feedback and import your audio. Now when your correct layer shows, it should contain the audio added to the master.

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