Either set up all objects in timeline to show until end of slide, or fix them all at once?

Greetings, I've been trying to create a simulation using screen recording with Storyline 360.  I'm finding that objects are appearing in my timelines at random times and I just want them to display from the start of the timeline to the end.  I know how to adjust this for an individual slide object, but I have as many as 5 objects per slide and 20 slides to work through.  

In Captivate you can program what your objects will do, in terms of duration, prior to recording.  Does a function like that exist in Storyline 360?

Does anyone have a quicker way to set all objects on all timelines in a Story to show until the end of the timeline - without having to manually adjust every single one of them?

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Crystal Horn

Hello, Michele!  When you insert your screen recordings, it looks like you're choosing step-by-step slides.  Storyline automatically staggers the timeline to show mouse cursors, hint captions and anything else that you might have added once those slides were created.

Try this:  Select all of your slide objects, and right click on the timeline.  You can set duration for those items with one click.

You won't be able to set an option to have those items timed exactly, but hopefully using that method above will expedite adjusting the timing on those slides!