Elapsed Time Triggers to Reveal a Slide


Is there a way to utilize the elapsed time variables to reveal a slide instead of a slide object? For instance, I would like a specific slide to be light boxed if the elapsed project time is greater than 30 minutes. Kind of like the message one gets when a streaming platform wants to know if you're still watching.

I tried adding a trigger to the slide I wanted to lightbox as follows, but nothing happened in the preview mode.

Lightbox this slide when the variable changes: Project.ElapsedTime if Project.ElapsedTime is >= 10000 (just as a trial, 30 minutes would actually be 1,800,000 milliseconds but I did not want to wait that long to see if it worked ).

The slide timeline is 14 seconds long.



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Kelly McMunn

I see that the slide timeline was set to 5 seconds and not 14 as I have in my trial, but another issue I did not think of, is that you cannot close the lightbox because it is perpetually greater than 10000 milliseconds so it is stuck in a loop of lightboxing the slide.  I will have to ponder on a trigger for that next...


Thank you!