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Dec 06, 2017


My name is Kritan and I am an IT trainer. I've had a few months experience using storyline 360 and planning to design an elearn for a course which has 3 different user groups i.e. Standard Requestors, Advanced Requestors and Approvers. There will be overlapping of information for these user groups. I am thinking of combining Standard Requestors and Advanced Requestors as one course because advanced requestor has to complete standard requestor part and create a separate one for Approvers. Or is there a better way to build this one course with 3 user groups who do not need to know everything but there will be few topics that needs to be covered for all 3 groups.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you


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Bob O'Donnell

Kritan, You could create one course with 3 topics or slide sets specific to each group. A main menu slide could act as the branching screen to send students off to 1 of the 3 respective courses. We did something similar a while back where we had 5 modules of slides. The user had to complete module 1 before the next module was available.

If a student wanted to test out of a previous module, you could offer a quiz slide with the key info from say the "Standard Requestors" module and if they pass that quiz, you could turn on the next module "Advanced Requestors" and so on until they're into the last module.

Not sure how you course is designed, but it may also be possible to set your common information slides in their own scene and simply link out to it from whichever track you've taken.

Just a thought. There's probably lots of ways to approach it. Testing someone's knowledge right up front could determine if they needed remedial training and send them to the correct module as well. Another option is to do 3 individual courses and make the first 2 as pre-requisites before the advance class can be taken. Assuming you're using an LMS system to track students.

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