eLearning Hosting outside of LMS (Team Portfolio)

Hi all,


We've been challenged with putting together and hosting an eLearning portfolio outside of our LMS which we can use to showcase our work to potential clients within our company and externally.

Would anyone have any suggestions on the best sites to do this?


Also, we're unsure of the technicalities surrounding the hosting, including publishing for this format in Storyline 2.




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Susi B

Hi Sarah,

if you have a homepage, you can show your courses like in an iframe or something like that (not a programmer but saw this before). You can publish your files for internet (because you don´t need to track anything I guess) and use the story.html file (or .html5 if you want that). I think some of the usere here use services like Amazon S3 like described here. For Wordpress there is a plugin you could use (sadly the free version has no lightbox anymore so you have to pay for it) or just upload it to your webspace there too and give a direct link to your output and this opens in a new window for excample. If you know on which platform you want to present yourself you will find someone in here or even existing posts where they describe how it works. :)

You should be aware of Flash dying in 2020 so you have to update you files (through SL3/360) until then again to ensure it works in the most cummon browsers, which are mostly already abandonning flash anyways.