elearning "philosophical" question

Should the learner always have an option to go back a slide?  I have created online simulations and the learner advances when they enter the correct information and click Next or hit the enter key, but for now I haven't given them an option to go back.  On the other sections where they are just watching a demo, they can click a button and go back; the advance button (or next) is enabled only after the "media completes"... but what is good design for an online sim?  Have a working back button so they can go back and a disabled next button so they can't use it?  Or just a back button... this is a button I created and added a trigger.  

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Brian Allen

I could see a couple possibilities here, philosophically speaking :)

If your software sim is kind of created in "steps", such as step 1 start here, then step 2, etc., then I could see an option to go back a "step". In your project a step may be several slides worth of simulation, so your back button would have to be set to begin at the beginning of that step.

I could also see building it so that (to Diane's point) a user has to complete the entire sim in as close to a real world manner as possible, but then at the end have an option for them to restart the sim and go thru it again.

Jeannette McGlinsky

Thank you!  I have grappled with both ways of doing this and I wasn't sure if one way was a "good design" way.  It's a WBT that we are converting FROM an ILT.  It has some online simulation that is very close to the in-class exercises and some demos the learner just watches.