elearning running slow on Kallidus LMS

Oct 28, 2014

Hello All

I have an odd situation.  One piece of eLearning that I have produced runs fine on the our LMS, (Kallidus).  Another runs very slowly when it goes into the quiz.

In the problem package, the issue is with the quiz. It takes almost exactly 12 seconds from selecting submit to the feedback appearing, for every question.  The result is that impatient learners (most of them!) go click happy and think it has locked up.

Both packages are SCORM 1.2.  The problem package has a question bank of 24 questions of which 20 are displayed.  The other package only has 10 questions.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks for your help.






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Emily Ruby

Hello Evan!

Have you tried testing this course in the SCORM Cloud, the industry standard for testing content? This will determine whether it is an issue with the course, or with the LMS. You can also look at the information here about troubleshooting within the LMS

Also, wanted to link you to this thread here for a member with a similar issue, and this information here from Kallidus support page.

Jo Kaptijn

Thanks Mark/Ashley

I am just testing out this "configuration.js" solution for some (short) storyline 'end of module' quizzes ... running painfully slowly and getting 'kill this page' messages ... now they are being tested in the clients new LMS (Luminosity) ... and need to be ready for imminent launch!

((Ashley - I know SL does not support - but I have tried over the last hours all of the workarounds I could find on Stormcloud: number of slides does not work as with the quiz being generated from a quiz bank, the user can get a compelted score on second attempt, even if they fail; the idea of putting a 'dummy' results slide in which is not reliant on the quiz bank (a suggestion from another thread) does not actually speed up the quiz, and then they are seeing passed 100% even if they ony get 80% etc etc, so ... this solution sounds like my bets bet))

My questions are:

... So I'm forwarned - can anyone give advice ie: will putting the 'do_not_report_interactions' to true in the configuration.js file to 'true' impact anything in the SL programme itself - or is it definitely just tracking?

... Also - A general questions - The client's environment only allows HTML5 - are there any other constraints in terms of tracking/reporting of SL courses running in am=n HTML5 environment (or on a Luminosity LMS) that I should be aware of? (Someone hinted there were limitation with HTML5, but I haven't found anything concrete...


Jo Kaptijn

Hi Leslie

Thanks - yes I have looked at this already - more than once - but in terms of LMS completion/ tracking (and many other features), I can't see any reported difference between Flash/HTML and yet the reality is sometimes different...
Form/drop-down SL interactions that are quite close together for example, work fine in flash, but conflict with each other in HTML5 ... just as one example I'm reworking as I type :)

So if anyone can highlight more detailed limitations / watchouts when tracking completion in HTML5 only output - that would be great!!

Thanks again Leslie




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