elearning shared on facebook

I've made a short quiz with Storyline 1 and I'm posting it on Facebook and it should get shared by a big media quite soon.

My problem is, it works well on most devices but it tends to not work on some devices when the link is opening in Facebook browser.

The redirect to html5 works well but sometimes the content is too big for the screen and won't resize, sometimes it's off the screen so there is a white rectangle on the left and half of the content is invisible. And sometimes it's just quite alright.

I've been scouring the web to find a way to force a link to open outside of FB browser and inside the default browser but you can sure bet that FB doesn't allow that. It's their money maker since they can track the activity of users even more.

What FB is allowing is that each user may setup their FB app to open links outside of FB browser. But I'm not going to start educating every FB user on the planet about this feature...

Anybody has a similar experience and some good practice to share?




BTW: here is the link to the elearning and the link to the FB post




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