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Lee Walters


We need to have student sign their name before they can commence a Storyline course. I think the only was is to create a Text Entry Question slide and include javascript so the user can upload an image to the textbox.

Using the technology http://jsfiddle.net/vacidesign/ja0tyj0f/ what steps would be used in Storyline?


There are various conversations but nothing that seems to accomplish this.





Matt Allen

So I am assuming since none of the staff here can offer a solution that there is currently no way to capture an electronic signature?  Is there something in the next release that might add this functionality?  My HR people love the idea of accountability that goes along with an electronic signature.  It would go a long way in moving our use of e-learning if we had this.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Matt!

You are correct, there is not a built-in way to do so at this time. I do not have any information to share related to the product roadmap, but you are certainly welcome to share your thoughts with our product development team here.  

Hopefully some of the threads shared here or someone in the community will be able to assist with your design.

Lee Millard

Hi Caroline!

Our HR dept. provided us with the generated DocuSign link that we embedded into our SL project using a web object. There was a few clicks within the web object needed to complete the E-signature but we just released our annual training and it's been working great! I can't speak to how they got the DocuSign link itself but I just inserted the URL in the web object. Let me know if I can help out more!


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Leslie McKerchie

Thanks for popping in to assist Caroline here Lee :)

Caroline - if you or anyone following along needs information about leveraging web objects in your project, I'm including the instructions below:

Web objects are a powerful way to leverage web-based resources by embedding them right in your Articulate Storyline courses. To learn how to use web objects, see this tutorial.

Shannon B

I know this is an older post, but I thought I'd share a way I achieved this just in case anyone wanted to try a different method!

In DocuSign, you can create a template and then transform it into a PowerForm. The PowerForm generates a link for you to copy, which you can then insert into your course. For my purpose, I created a button and set the trigger to launch the PowerForm web link. It then follows the chain of signature command. Works like a charm!

Martin Dunne

Our Legal department are insisting on us having an eSignature at the end of every compliance course. We cannot go a DocuSign web object route either as we would need to have this 100's of accounts which would cost way too much. We have come from very cheap eLearning authoring tools, such as Adapt and Evolve Authoring tools, BOTH of which had an eSignature.

This software cost only 30 dollars a month and have this essential feature. I have put in a feature request for this, I would really love for this to be implemented in either Storyline or Rise. I REALLLY do not want to go back to using Evolve.