Elements disappearing in published file. Help!

Jul 29, 2013

Help! I have a screen in my published file that acts as a dynamic menu/table of contents. Users return to it throughout the course. Each of the menu items is a button with various states. When I mouse to the left of the yellow notepad in the background, all the menu items disappear; this action also basically resets the screen to the initial state, so items that were hidden reappear (when they shouldn't). See the screenshots below. I don't understand what's going on or why?! Any ideas?

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Dennis Hall

Hi Laura:

I would look at your story to see if 1. You have an object to the left of the notepad that is set to hide the the menu area. 2. se if you have an object ot the left of the notepad that is cuasing your menu items to be larger in font - I have seen things get pushed of the screen when I have not noticed my font in some other object (even when empty) is not set correctly.

If these do not work, you could upload your story file or open a ticket with articulate and have them look at it.

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall

Josh Uhlig

It could also be a background object (rather than one to the left of the notepad). 

If you don't find a trigger that is causing the issue, you might also check the states for each button and remove the "hidden" state (assuming you don't need it).  I've had issues in the past with a button set causing issues due to unwanted states.

It's difficult to offer more advice without being seeing the story file.  If you are able to share even just this one slide, it could be helpful.

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