Elements on Slide OK in Preview, Vanish When Published

Hey Everybody!

One of my coworkers makes a monthly newsletter in Storyline and has never had any issues with it.  Today when she made the April edition, the newsletter rendered correctly in "Preview" but in publish, certain items only on 2 of the pages were gone.

We've tried what seems to be everything to fix this (confirmed nothing on the slide is hidden,ungrouped items, rebooting, republishing the newsletter on my machine, creating a new presentation, etc) and we have no clue what's going on.  See below for images of what I'm talking about.  The first one is how the newsletter page should look (which is the "Preview") and the second image is how the newsletter REALLY looks when published.  

Any help or troubleshooting suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  We are stumped!

Thank you all in advance!


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Gina Russoniello

Hi Peter!

Thanks for your quick response.  A couple of my coworkers were able to resolve the issue by adjusting some triggers and changing some groups around.  However, the only way the presentation was showing up correctly was when they viewed it on our company's intranet, not on our desktops.  

It definitely concerns us because we are doing a huge rollout of new courses and will need to test them on our desktops without putting them on the intranet.  This has never happened to us before so we're wondering what the issue might be.  Any thoughts on this would be awesome!

Thanks again!


Peter Anderson

Hi Gina,

Strange It's a cardinal rule with Articulate software that it's always best to test your content in the environment that its ultimately intended for (LMS, web, Articulate Online, etc), because Flash Player and browser securities will cause some elements to fail. What's funny is, that your slide looks like it's just missing text, which usually isn't a symptom of local security restrictions. 

One of our engineers put together a great way to test your content in an online environment that can be kept private and will be deleted automatically after 10 days. It's called Tempshare, and you may want to consider giving it a try since testing your content locally isn't a very reliable way of seeing exactly how your course will behave in its intended environment. 

I hope that helps for your rollout!