#ELHToronto: Creating Custom Sliders

Jul 10, 2014

Ever wanted to turn dry and static content into something more fun and engaging? A great way to do this in Storyline is using custom built sliders. Michael Hinze's session covers how to create various sliders using states, triggers and variables. He also shared tons of cool examples of various sliders. Download the files for his session here:

Session materials:

Q: Are there any differences between these sliders and a real world slider?

A: A slider that uses hot spots means the user doesn't actually have to click and drag the drag object, so it's different than sliders we are used to seeing and using on websites, etc. You can create a slider with a drag-object to create a more life-like, realistic slider.

Q: Would it be okay to have small spaces between the hot spots on the slider?

A: No spaces would be better because if you have a space between hot spots you might lose your "Drag" item.

Q: How did you create the circular dial?

A: Just place the hot spots on the circle, in an oval instead of in a straight line.

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