#ELHToronto - Storyline Tips, Secrets and Timesavers

What are your best Storyline Tips, Secrets and Timesavers that you use on a consistent basis? Do you use certain keyboard shortcuts? Is there a neat feature you've found in Storyline to save work time?

Here are a few that have been shared by Tim Slade at the Toronto Community Event to get us started:

Top Ten Storyline Tips, Secrets and Timesavers - Tim Slade @sladetim

Tip 1 - use cue points to get appears to appear when you want them too on a slide.

Tip 2 - Format Painter. Use this to copy the formatting of one item to another item within your slide.

Tip 3 - Swap out pictures, keeps all the triggers, etc that were associated with the image.

Tip 4 - when you insert a radial button you can auto add text to this without adding a text box.

Tip 5 - hide objects on you layers using the timeline.

Tip 6 - Use feedback masters to create masters that you can use on individual layers

Tip 7 - Using button sets so that you can make objects/buttons only be clickable one at a time.

Tip 8 - create custom Colour themes to match your scheme. Check out Tim's site for resource. http://www.tim-slade.com/

Tip 9 - with a long timeline, as you drag timeline back, hit the left arrow and it will snap back to the beginning.

Tip 10 - click and object then click and drag it to duplicate it quickly, CRTL-Enter to open dialogue box, CRTL-G to group objects, ALT-and then number that you see on the ribbon for quick access, CTRL-Shift-Enter for resizing

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Ashley Chiasson

For the individual who asked Nancy how often she saves in Storyline, Rachel Barnum has a fantastic solution for autosaving in Storyline:


It'll honestly save you a lot of heart ache when you've been working on a project for 12 hours straight and you're on the cusp of crying onto your keyboard.

Stephan Sinka

Tracey,Nicole,Dave, Ashley &++++++

Thank-you! for coming to Toronto and sharing more of Storyline it was AWESOME!

Tim showed a Colour Theme guide built in Storyline ( tip #8), his link is to a Video. Is there a download of the actual .story file?

Thanks Again for creating such a great community!