else condition in storyline


I am facing 2 issues in attached file:

1. I am not able to write else condition on button click

2. assessment screen is not getting refreshed

I have attached the source.

If the user pass, he shoud redirect to one screen and if he fails he should redirect to other screen.

on revisiting the assessment, the last question is not getting reset.

Please let me know if you have solution for this. 


Omkar Puranik

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Omkar  Puranik

on result slide there is button which will deside where to go from here.

I have wrote 3 triggers on that button.

1. For closing the lightbox

2. for pass screen

3. fail screen

how ever it always take only 2  triggers and not going ahead for 3rd one

suppose if I keep fail trigger on second position and pass trigger on 3rd, and if user fails.... he will redirect to fail screen.. but if user passes then this trigger will not work.

Please help me out. Need to deliver it URGENTLY.

Marko Stojkovski

Phil Mayor said:

Else is just another trigger with or without a condition

Hello and sorry for reviving this topic, but I have a problem with this.

Phil noted that else is just another trigger which I cannot agree, because I have a situation where I cannot take that.

So, I have a checkbox and a button. When I press the button, I need the checkbox to be checked (selected state) if its not already, and if it is already selected I need to uncheck it (back to normal state).

If we had else than it would be easy to do. Like this:

Change state of checkbox to selected

If checkbox state is normal

else change state of checkbox to normal

But if I set trigger 1:

Change state of checkbox to selected

If checkbox state is normal

and another trigger #2:

change state of checkbox to normal

then always the checkbox will be normal

If I do triggers like this:

Change state of checkbox to selected

If checkbox state is normal

and next trigger:
Change state of checkbox to normal

If checkbox state is selected (or if checkbox state is not normal)

then always the checkbox is normal.

Any solution?

Nancy Woinoski

I've attached a story file with a solution to your problem. I created a true false variable and set up a trigger on the button to toggle the variable each time the button is clicked. I then added two triggers to change the state of the checkbox based on the value of the variable.