Email course notes - alternative to javascript?

Mar 30, 2016

Hello heroes.  My team and I have been trying to implement Stephanie Harnett's method for print and email of notes using javascript.  However, after much testing we have come to the conclusion that - in our course - the email function will not work consistently with IE 11, due to a restriction on characters in a mailto: link (the script "works," but if the text in the variable[s] max out the character limit, nothing happens).

We are actively seeking out any viable alternative to this method that would accomplish the same goal but without the character limit - The learner enters notes or reflections on certain questions throughout the course, and at the end has an option to email those responses to an address they input.  Can anyone provide suggestions? 

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Mike B.

I wonder if something like the code here would correct your issue:

Personally, my own email script uses "window.location.href" and I'm not sure how that differs from "document.location.href" stated in that link.

Nick Wilson

Christie and Mike, I appreciate the input.  Following up on this, we were looking into the possibility of a server-side solution utilizing a mailer.php file (to circumvent the limitations of javascript/IE).  Unfortunately, the client uses Saba Enterprise Cloud as its LMS - which evidently does not use PHP and does not have access to run code of any type?  

So now we're really stumped.  Is this idea of an email at the end of the course such an unusual thing to want to do?  Can anybody shed light on how common/rare it is to attempt this functionality?

Furthermore, how common/rare are these limitations we're running into with Saba?  We have limited experience with LMSs, so not sure if this is a problem we would face with any LMS or if it's specific to Saba.

Nick Wilson

Mike, thanks for the suggestion.  I don't know, all of this scripting business (javascript, php) is way outside of my wheelhouse so I'm not even sure how I would go about this.  If you do happen to test this and have any success, please let me know.  We are definitely in need of expert assistance to solve this problem.

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