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I want to create a form to be populated by the user, the form is basically for data protection which would have a field for the email address the a tick box for YES to agree to their data being used, the data is only their email address and possibly the country they come from, then I want this data to be emailed to one address or inserted into a spreadsheet, can anyone help, is this possible.

I'm using Storyline 2.


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Surya Koduri

If you are implementing this via LMS. You can run a report on who completed it. - To do this, add a variable to the check box to make it true when the check box is selected. Add this condition to the next button to prevent user from completing the SCORM. I do this for some policies that we push. Just add a sentence to state that "by clicking this check box you are digitally signing to agree the conditions in the course. If you need to expand further on this, I am more than happy to  walk you through setting up variables and triggers. 

Surya Koduri

Hi Andrew, Apologies for the delayed response. Create form from and then get the link to the form. On your storyline slide add this as web object and publish it. Form won't appear in the storyline preview.  Form data collected through google forms is available on

Andrew Lupton



Thanks again for your reply, how would I create the form in storyline 3, all we want of the form are fields to capture "Full Name", "Email Address" and "Country" and then a submit button which will send the data to a google doc and also onto the next slide, if you were to do this what kind of form would you create and how do you specify the text field to go to google doc.