Email hyperlink working in one course but not another


I have 2 courses with email hyperlinks on 1 slide and I am using Storylin360

In the first course the email hyperlink works perfectly, opening an email using my email client, when the link is clicked (tested in Articulate Online). 

The second course is a copy of the first course, however the email link is NOT working :(  I'm stumped as to why this is happening. 

The slide is called 'Cases' in case you want to take a look at my courses.



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Kimberley Martinsen

Hi Matthew.

Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately it didn't work.  Here are the other things I have tried in order to try and ascertain what is going on:

  • Copied slide, deleted text box, inserted new text box, inserted new email hyperlink
  • Created new blank slide, inserted text box, inserted email hyperlink
  • Created new project, added new blank slide (no template), inserted text box, inserted email hyperlink

Sadly, all have failed.  I recently updated SL360, and wonder if there is some new bug that is preventing this functionality from working.