Email notifications without LMS

I have a course which has a final quiz. Is there anyway to get the quiz results emailed to a certain email ID? I am not using a LMS. Worse case if I can't get the quiz results, is there any way to send an email notification when a user completes the course. I tried to create a trigger to send an email but it didn't work. 

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Pravithra. You can find discussions in E-Learning Heroes, like this one, with custom workarounds for getting your learners' results emailed.

Storyline doesn't include an email results feature due to the limitations on accuracy and consistency across different OS.  Similarly, the email trigger needs certain conditions in order to work, such as having an email client installed with an account, and allowing JavaScript and HTML submissions from external programs.

Alternatively, could your learners use the Print Results feature from the results slide to save and then email you the results report?