Email random number to user, user input random number to access the course

Hi there,

I'm using SL3. 

On my slide, after the user enter their email (e.g . I want to send an email to their inbox (, with a random number already generated and a link to my course (if possible)

Back to the slide, the user will key in the random number that is shown in the email to access the course. 

How do you do that?

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Irven!

Wow, this sounds impressive! In Storyline 3, there is a trigger to send an email that generates the To: field in desktop email applications like Outlook, iMail, etc.

Sending an email with content would require specific coding. Coding is not my expertise, so I'm going to pass this to our Instructional Designers in the community! Don't hesitate to share what you create!

Matthew Bibby
how exactly do you do that from SL3?

You can use JavaScript to generate an email, however, all it does is create an email draft. The user needs to actually hit send in their email client for the email to be sent.

See here for more information.

As part of this process, you can pass a variable value (e.g. the random password mentioned above) to the email, but as email won't be automatically sent, it's kind of pointless when you consider the original request.

There are more involved ways to have an email automatically sent, but they are a lot more involved to setup and typically come with a cost.