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Nov 10, 2012


I wonder if I can embed an 'email sign up form' (html code) into a Storyline slide?

I would like to allow the user to insert their name and email address into the form fields ...  and submit their details to receive more information about a certain topic.

Is it possible to do this? I'd appreciate your advice... thanks.


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Jerson  Campos

The only issue is that you will need to run some PHP code so that the email will send without bringing up the users email client. To run PHP you will need to host it on a server that can run php code. (Most current servers do). If you plan to run this from an LMS or Sharepoint, you may run into some problems because most LMSs and Sharepoint block this type of file from being uploaded. You'll have to look at your specific application to see if you can unblock this and how to do it.

The best way to place an email form within Storyline would be through an embedded web object. There are many email forms that can be downloaded from the web so you don't have to create your own. Just search "free email forms". You will need the HTML and the PHP file. Embed the HTML file into the slide you want. When you publish the file, make sure that the PHP file is in the same folder (or where it is supposed to be according to the code). If not, drag it in there.  Then FTP everything up to where you want it.  

Joseph Conrad

Jerson, that's helpful, but I can't just use any form. I'm using a subscription form for an email service (Mailchimp) and so their code is what I will use. Theirs is more flexible than aweber at least, but I can't see exactly where to put this code.

I am still not hearing exactly where or how to put this code into my presentation. Any instructions or videos on how to do this? Anything specific to Mailchimp?

Joseph Conrad

I figured it out. Very tricky, indeed, but it worked. The signup form must be in a .html file and then you select the folder where it is and it will pull it in. It totally does not happen the way it is expected to work, so keep at it until it works if you are having difficulty. It will work after you select the folder--don't try to force it to select the file.

Jerson  Campos

Are you hosting it on a share drop site?  If you are, this isn't going to work.  Share drives like dropbox, box, and amazon's service block php scripts from executing. You need to host this on your website server.  

If the email form works by itself, then it should work in storyline. I would first make sure that it works on whatever server you have it hosted. 

Joseph Conrad

Yep, Jerson, that did the trick. I had used the dialog box to upload the file, but didn't realize that it wasn't really wanting a file. It only wanted the URL which I didn't realize because it asked for a file and used a folder button to access the file. I didn't see the "test link" button was meant to test the link.

Problem solved.

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