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I have built a game style module in Storyline and need to create a button that will send an email to a specific member on my team for the learner to get credit. I thought about using the send email trigger, but I would prefer to have a javascript button so I could control the subject and body of the email. That way the email would be consistent and not easily "forged." I have found a few other questions about this, but the JS in those answers is way more intense in those situations than what I need (referencing variables, test scores, etc.). I am not super proficient with java, so I would really appreciate the help.

I only need the following pieces to be included:




That's it. I know it is way easier to some than it is to me and I am exceedingly thankful for those of you that can do this. Could you please share some of your wonderful talents? Thank you for any help that can be offered.

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JD  Maddox

Thank you Jose! I was actually digging around and came across this page in Articusearch:

Javascript Best Practices

The code I found was the following:

var email="";
var subject="subject line";
var body_start="How you want to begin your body.";
var mailto_link='mailto:'+email+'?subject='+subject+'&body='+body_start;,'emailWin');

This ended up solving the issue quite quickly. I appreciate your response though!!