Email with test score and username on web with 360


A web based client(no LMS) wants a course to generate an email with their name and test score-- but wants this auto-generated. I think I can get away without worrying about the test score, because they are requiring 90% or greater, so could just generate the email if they pass. However, I'm not super familiar with coding, and the default in the app only generates a blank email the user has to send which won't track because there are multiple courses (so a user could just keep sending emails). Is there a way to do this?


I've seen some threads that are 5-7 years old that may not apply. I've also seen some older threads that suggest using 3rd party apps, web forms, and widgets.  Any help would be appreciated.

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Matthew Bibby

You can auto-generate an email with a users name and test score, but it doesn't auto-send. So the user could change the test score before hitting send, or just copy the template and use it for others without them actually completing the course. If you want to know how to do this, see here. Any questions let me know. 

Another option would be to store this information on Google Drive. So the user's name and test score could be automatically sent to an online spreadsheet. To learn how this is done, see here.

There are also more involved solutions that allow for emails to be automatically sent in a secure way (so the user can't change the results), with dynamic PDF attachments and all that jazz. But this comes with both an initial setup cost and ongoing monthly costs to keep the system running. Let me know if you have any questions about this.

Jeff Robedee

Thank you! I was able to use the Google Drive version after a lot of trial and error. I am a bit confused about some of the issues (such as needing to use template versus creating a new sheet). I think this will work in the short term, but would like the info on the auto emails-- I'm assuming if the client has a website they are uploading the course to that they are already paying for something-- definitely not my area of expertise.

Matthew Bibby
Jeff Robedee

I'm assuming if the client has a website they are uploading the course to that they are already paying for something

Yes, they would have hosting for that website, but that's separate from what I'd need to set this system up.

I'll email you some questions and we can figure out the details.

Glad you got the Google Drive solution working!