Emailing & Printing Reports from Storyline2

Jun 20, 2018

I have read numerous postings, but so far any code I have attempted yields no results.  

The challenge: create a certification exam that does not print or display the "normal" Storyline results with questions and answers, but instead provides the number of questions (x of y) missed for each topic. We also do not want to reveal the results at the end of each section, but instead have all results revealed at the end of the exam.

By using multiple results pages with their normal displays hidden and substituting Section Topic Title information, and a final results slide that is calculating the results for the entire test, we can present their overall test results followed by a slide that reveals the number of questions missed for each topic area.

The challenge is to print and or email the "x of y" information to the student and their manager.

We are not programmers, but most of us have had some experience in JavaScript but nothing we have created yet works.

We are using Litmos and most of our clients are using Chrome.

Has anyone solved this challenge yet?


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