Emailing Quiz Results in Storyline without LMS

May 16, 2012

I am stuck.  I can't figure out how to email quiz results in Storyline if you only publish to the web and don't have an LMS system.  I work for a smaller company that does everything very manually, so I have to keep track of emails and scores whenever someone completes a course. 

I am looking for a way to get a user's score and other information from the Results slide sent to me through email, but I am not a coder and don't really see any options for this in Storyline.  Any help is appreciated. 

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Peter Anderson

Welcome to Heroes, Moises!

We want every feature in our software to work well. And, unfortunately, there’s no way to email results easily, accurately, and consistently. For example, if you use Gmail or your computer’s security settings are high, you can’t email results. Also, you run the risk of learners tampering with results since they can access the email before it’s sent. Given these limitations, we decided not to include the email results feature in our products anymore.

Moises Alanis

Thanks for the quick reply Peter! 

I'm really sorry to hear that though, as my company is resistant to an LMS and the only way we've been able to track online learning so far is through the email function. 

 Is there any way at all to manually perform this function, similar to the way it is handled in Quizmaker 9? In that software, the email sends automatically without the user ever seeing it until it is in their sent folder.  We are really just interested in a pass or fail notice at this point. 

Colin Harm

Hi Moises

I was thinking about what you are asking for yesterday, one solution whilst not perfect is to use google docs forms. Create two forms a pss and a fail, Or you could create others depending on how much you need to narrow down their score. In SL sue a variable to track their score, the say create 3 slides which link to your google forms. Test the variable and if the value is a fail then select the slide for fail, if a pass then select the pass form and if they get 100% then select a different form. The trick is to not give the results of the questionnaire to the user till after they have filled in the google form. All you need to do is check the google docs to see who fell in to each form and you have got the results. Of course you will need to have a mandatory field in the google docs form for name and such. I seem to remeber if you pay for an advanced google  feature that google docs will email you when there has been a new record added (don't quote me on that one though) Of course this solution is not perfect.

Jacinta Penn

Also you can create two web forms (different web addresses) on your intranet/internet.  Within the elearning module, on the last slide, create a conditional trigger for the next slide, if user has passed go to the "Completed" web form, where they fill out their name. The web form will email this to you, or add it to a database.

If they fail, it can go to the other web form,and you know you need to follow up with those people to do it again, or get some help.

By conditional trigger, I mean Insert trigger, jump to slide #1.25, when user clicks on, Next button

then add condition by hitting the plus symbol, if %Results.ScorePoints% is greater than or equal to %Pass.ScorePoints%

david mckisick

Jeremy. Its weird but I am in the exact same situation in that we use SharePoint for all our training needs and I also need to have a solution that will work in that framework. I do know that SharePoint has their own LMS product. Its pricey ($19k+), so is not really feasible for us right now. We did manage to get something put together to work with Captivate quiz reporting but took a lot of engineering. Unfortunately, it looks like we might be forced down that path once again with Storyline.

Jeremy Miles

Hi David,

Jacinta got me thinking about  using web forms to track the results in Sharepoint so I did some research and came across a webpart that does exactly that. 

Essentially it creates an input field to a Sharepoint list that you can point an Articulate page to directly.  Normally to access a list entry in Sharepoint you have to go the the list itself first - but this means you are displaying all the list entries from other learners.  This neat little webpart takes you straigh to the data entry form - which you can customise just like any other list entry field.  As long as you select the learners permissions to read-only, they will not be able to see anyone elses results.

It's not as robust as an LMS in that it doesn't track scores but, if all you want to do is check who has completed the course, you create an Articulate page that is only displayed once all modules have been visited, with a link to your custom web form in Sharepoint, and hey presto, you have a list of everyone who has completed the course.

adam sherritt

One option you can use is a low cost third party testing system.  The two basic requirements is that it third party can generate an email to you once a learner has completed their test, and that it is available online. This way, you can embed the test as a web object into a slide of you course.  My company has done this with great results over the past couple of years.  

I hope I'm not out of line with any forum rules but the company that we use is ClassMarker.  With Classmarker, I can construct a test, and then assign the test a direct link. The direct link is automatically generated, and I embed that link into a slide as a web object as I aid before.  When the learner gets to the slide with the test, they can simply take the test and when they are finished I get an email in real time.  Works great for us and runs about $40 a month for 400 tests per month but there are other service options both less and more expensive. You lose the cool testing features of Storyline and Quizmaker, but hey...

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