Embded and Device fonts (Flash content, not HTML5)

Hello guys,

This project is not HTML5 and is published to a SWF and using the Flash Player.

I'm getting some unpredictable results in terms of when storyline chooses to use an embeded font or a device font. User a %variable% in the text field also seems to have an impact on this too.....but not in all instances.

On most slides where I use text without a reference to a variable within the text, the font is embeded.

I then created a quiz and add my own intro page which used a couple of variables. When I published the project, the font was not embeded and device fonts were being used (crisp looking text). My bank of questions were displayed using the embeded font.

I then experiement by creating an empty variable called "x" and just referenced this in each of my questions and the options for the questions. The font was not embeded and device fonts were used.

Ok, so this made me think device fonts have to be used when a variable is referenced within a text field, but then I discovered on my "results" page that I customised, that the font was embeded even though I am referencing variables within the text field (on different layers for success, fail 1 and fail 2.), The difference being here is that the variables are Articulate defined and not my own. As soon as I add reference to my %x% variable, it will display device fonts.

So, my questions are:

  1. Is there a way to force Articulate storyline to use all embeded fonts or all device fonts. The jumping from embeded to device fonts is jarring and I know the client isn't going to like it.
  2. Is this a bug, should Articulate still be able to embed the font even when a variable is referenced in my text field.

I guess I'm really trying to avoid this switch between "device" and "embed" and since it doesn't look like I can stop text fields displaying as device fonts when my own variables are referenced, the only hacky way I can think of correcting this for now is for me to continue to use my %x% hack in the text fields to ensure all use device fonts for consistency.

Thanks in advance,


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Phil Mayor

Hi Sam, welcome to the forums, fonts for references are not embedded, if you use a font that is not installed on the users machine then this is substituted.

I had not noticed the results variables are embedding the fonts

Feature requests have been added for this, hopefully it get fixed at some point.