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I have 2 word docs linked to my SL2 course. Because of a recent update from IT (love them or hate them?) to our Windows and Office applications, we are now receiving an alert that the attachment is not a trusted document - do you want to proceed. Everyone gets nervous and closes the alert and now we have support calls that they can't open the attachments.

I'd like to convert the word doc (it's a job aid) to a PDF and embed the PDF in the course with a scroll box then use a Java trigger to enable printing. Of course there is no way to do this as a PDF(feature request coming up) unless I host it somewhere and use the web object option. Not a choice for me. In my searches someone came up with the idea to save the PDF as a JPEG/PNG picture and embed the picture in a scroll box. Is this my only option? Are there any issues with the conversion making the form fuzzy? Is it possible to use JAVA to print from a scroll box? I've never tried to create a JAVA print command so that will also be a challenge.


Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Brian Dennis

PDF files can be included in the project as Resources allowing the student to open the document in its PDF format (assuming PDF viewing capabilities in their web browser and/or system) so that's probably the best option.

If you need to display the contents of the PDF in a scrollpanel I'd suggest creating a high DPI JPG/PNG from the PDF then direct the learner to the Resources "for the high resolution PDF version"

Regarding printing, I believe you are looking for printing from javascript; JAVA is a completely different language. Try a Execute Javascript trigger than calls window.print();