Embed Azure stream video in Storyline

Hi all, I have such courses including lots of videos, to fit the file size, I would like to use stream video. Without consider free web video platform like Youtube, Viemo..., I'm considering to use Azure, so I test Azure Media Player demo site http://ampdemo.azureedge.net/azuremediaplayer.html 

Azure demo site


I copy the embed code and paste it into Storyline, but doesn't work

Web Video Error

Does Storyline support Azure streaming video? Or there's better way to solve my problem? (I try to use Amazon S3 and follow this article , but when I play video, the Windows Madia Player shows up, and user can download the video...)

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Michael Hinze
Brian Allen
Michael Hinze

There was an "http:" missing at the beginning of the embed code

I noticed that, too...  What was weird is that it seems to be missing in the screenshot Maggie included from the Azure media player.

Yes, it is missing in the screenshot. But there is also a note that this embed code is just an example and not to be used for production.