Embed code from a Podcast, how to put in Storyline 360?

Hi there,

I have done lots of copying embed code for video and insert video/from website and works great. I assumed I could do the same for audio.  But when I go to audio it says insert from file or library...

This is my embed code I got from the website...<iframe height="200px" width="100%" frameborder="no" scrolling="no" seamless src="https://player.simplecast.com/cb5a3178-825e-4440-85d0-768e54a38aa7?dark=false"></iframe>, I was just trying to find an easy way for the learners to hopefully have a play button to listen to it inside the slide.

Any thoughts?

Thanks as always


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Teresa Vanderpost

Hi Michael, thanks again as always.  I think you often come to my rescue, the Video embed option worked great for the podcast, and looks good.  Just an FYI, your Here link took me to a Related searches web page...hmmm...but don't worry, thanks to you I got it working.

It shows this url: http://dev.keypointlearn.com/xcl74_SL360/Podscast/story.html  but then in my tab it says 404 error.  

But again, all good, it works!!