Embed entire course as a Web Object

Jun 08, 2018

Hi, I tried embedding the entire course as a web object in another Articulate Storyline slide but the course score and activity of the web object are not at all tracked by the Learning management system. Is there a way around to populate the score and the course status in the learning management system.

Could anyone suggest what the issue might be with? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Kritika, 

Sorry to hear that you've run into issues with tracking. I am curious as to why the course you are tracking is embedded in another course? I'm not sure that I've seen this set-up before. 

When you publish for LMS, you will need to select the result slide you wish to track in order for that to be sent to the LMS. 

If you were hoping to track multiple scores for the course, I'd advise you to check out the documentation here.

Let us know what the goals of your course are and we'd be happy to help you out :)

Kritika Ramachandran

Hi Leslie,

Thanks for your reply. 

Basically, my team was researching on how to provide the demo of the courses to the learners in a single articulate file.

So, we thought embedding the course as web object would be ideal. But in this scenarios how do we fetch the score and status from the web object and populate it to the result slide and then subsequently to the learning management system.

Could you help with this, please?


Kritika Ramachandran

Hi Leslie,

Are you saying that the bullet points mentioned in this link https://articulate.com/support/article/track-multiple-scos-in-the-same-course

is not valid and supported???

I have attached the screenshot of that. Could you verify if that is what you are referring to?



Leslie McKerchie

Hey Kritika,

Thanks for the additional information. I'd be happy to help you out with that. 

It sounds like you may have had some courses already created and now wish to combine them? That certainly helps me to understand why you would embed a course within a course.

When you need to combine projects, I'd advise to import slides into your current project.

Now you will have a single project file and would be able to track by the result slide as expected.

You are correct, tracking multiple SCOs, as outlined in that article, is not officially supported.

I hope that helps you out and feel free to share your .story file if you need us to take a look at anything or you are welcome to work directly with our support team here if needed.

Phil Mayor

Multi SCOs are completely different to embedding them as a web object, for a multi SCO you would use something like simple scorm packager to create your package and they would run sequentially if your LMS supports it.

I dont think you can track at all using the web object method as the package will not have been opened through the LMS so is not connected to the Scorm API.

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