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There might be an answer to this in the tutorials or forums, but whatever word I put in the search box comes up as no answer available!

To that end, when I publish my story to CD, just so I can put it on a flash drive for my partner to view on his computer, the fonts don't embed, so if there's a font I have used that he doesn't have, it shifts to something else.

Is there a way to embed fonts when you publish?  Thanks in advance for help,


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Frances Steinberg

Thanks, Wendy.  According to what the posts in that thread said, I shouldn't be having problems because the text is not part of a variable.  But my font is not embedding from my text box when I use the publish to CD option.  The problem is that the product name is in Fluffy Slacks (I know, but it looks very nice!), and it translates to something normal.  Any other ideas?

Wendy Farmer

Hi Frances

I just downloaded a test font called Storybook...it is on one of my machines but not my laptop.  I created a slide with the text box and formatted the text...published the slide to CD...saved the published folder to a USB drive and put onto my laptop - when I view the published story.html file - the font is showing up as Storybook on my laptop where that font is not installed.

Not sure why it's not working for you.

These are a few thing I would try

  1. changing the formatting of one text box to another font, then changing back to Fluffy
  2. delete a text box and create it again with Fluffy
  3. close the project and re-open and do both of the above
  4. save the project as another name and try it.

Do you want to upload the file and I'll see if I can view it on my machine as I don't have that font installed.  Please send a screenshot of what it should look like as well.



Frances Steinberg

I'm using SL2.  I think I've discovered the issue and it's not SL!  My partner got a security notice when they were opening it, and I think they said not to allow parts of the file, because when I opened what I had prepared for you on their computer, and the notice came up and I told it to accept all files, everything worked fine.  So not a software issue most likely, and since I'm going to have users access the end product online, all I need to do is re-program my partner so he hits the write security question button!!!  Thanks for helping because otherwise I would never have uncovered the culprit.

And if you want Fluffy Slacks--