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Oct 17, 2013


I was working on a project today and sent a team member a *.story file so he could review it to date. He replied that the fonts were not lining up correctly and sent me a screen shot of what he meant.  For example, my original file had this image: 

But here is how it appeared on my team member's screen:

It appears that Storyline does not embed the fonts?  I embed fonts in PPT programs so that they will display properly on ANY user's computer. I thought that when I published a file, Storyline would embed the fonts, but I just checked a program I created for iPad, and sure enough, the iPad does not display the fonts I used in Storyline.

Is there a workaround to this issue?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Richard, 

Storyline does not support the embedded fonts when importing Powerpoint content as described here, and if you're sharing the .story file with another developer they'll also need to have the font installed to view it properly. The fonts should also display within your published output, but there is a known issue with variable references not displaying custom fonts in the HTML5 or iPad output. 

If they're not displaying correctly within your published output, are you able to share your .story file with us along with your font file? 

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