Embed HTML5 object, circuit simulation using web assembly

Hi all. Very long time no speak.

I want to embed electronic circuit simulations from this site into an Articulate Storyline3 project, then upload it as a SCORM2004 package to our LMS. The site, everycircuit.com says that these simulations "can be embedded on your website with a single line of html". How would you do this in Storyline3? With a web object? I don't have a website to host it on. Perhaps Amazon AWS, or google drive? 

The diagrams are built using 'web assembly', and they say they are compatible with Chrome browsers, and iOS/Android.

The trial is only for 24 hours, so I don't have much time to test whether it'll work in Storyline or not, hence my request for ideas before hand. Any ideas would be very much appreciated. 



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Matthew Bibby

Yep, a web object is the way to go.

If the program gives you a URL that can be used by anyone to see the diagram, then you can just add that to the web object.

If not, you will need to host the diagram somewhere. Amazon S3 is the way to go. If you want to test it quickly without setting up S3, then email me the files and I'll upload it so that you can test it works as expected.