Embed PDF Into Storyline Training

May 19, 2017

Hello Heroes - I have searched through the discussion boards and cannot find anything current on how to embed a pdf into a Storyline 2 training. I have tried local web objects, using a tiny embed html file, nothing is actually displaying the pdf when I launch the course from SCORMCloud after publishing for an LMS.

I hate the pdf launching in a new window because I think it is confusing to learners. I tried launching the pdf within my existing window, and the browser unexpectedly closes each time. Any ideas? 

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Lauren Doud

Most of the posts on this topic are years old, and apparently, there isn't much progress with this. So, as a workaround, I followed the technique here and created the world's largest jpg image by stitching together every page in the document. I couldn't just use copy/paste text as there were graphics as well. This was time consuming! Now, at least I can have my learners scroll through an SOP within the course instead of getting lost with a second window opening. I used this for help: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dOaDrU28MC0 

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