Embed SCORM into Moodle

Sep 07, 2017

Hi there, I was wanting to embed a SCORM from Storyline 2 directly into Moodle. I want the user to be able to automatically see the activity without having to manually click on the SOCRM and go through the usual way.

Does anyone have any ideas on how I can achieve this?

Thanks :) :)

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Dan Marsden

Hi Nikki,

you can set up a course with the format "single-activity" and then add your SCORM package to the course - make sure you also set the "student skip content structure page" setting when adding your SCORM package to Moodle and it will skip the initial entry page. Note that this only skips it for "students" as the links to reports etc are shown on the entry page and if it skipped it for teachers they would not be able to access reports etc.

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