embed storyline output into powerpoint

I have created a game show in storyline and want to put the output (swf? html? whatever works best) into a PowerPoint presentation for a conference.

When I use the developer tool, and put in the path to the .swf file, the player doesn't seem to be able to find the .swf

Can anyone suggest alternatives for me?

I've been on the help desk, and know that I'm doing the right thing in PowerPoint. Just don't know if I"m doing the right thing in Articulate Storyline.


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Kevin Thorn

Hi Dottie,

Probably the simplest way is to simply add a link or button on the PPT slide you'll be showing when talking about your game. Publish your output as standard desktop output (SWF) and push it up to a server or even dropbox. 

Then click the button in your presentation to launch a new window to demo.