Embed Video in Storyline not working


Is anyone else having issues embedding a YouTube video in Storyline?

I have tried using the from website, copied the link to mbed from YouTube. First thin I noticed is that it did not include the HTTP:. Alas it did not work either way (with or without the HTTP. I even tried HTTPS.

So next I tried as a web object. It worked.

I then tried to embed a video from VIMEO, it worked fine.

Anyone know why embed for Youtube is NOT working, yet I can get it to work in Vimeo?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jane,

As Wendy mentioned there has been some changes to YouTube's API structure and as such some videos are not working properly when embedded. You may want to look at inserting as a web object instead as described here.  If the embed code isn't working, there are also some additional components you could review here.