Embed video into SCORM course.


Looking to switch from another e-Learning authoring software.  Because our LMS provider is located in USA, it is a problem loading videos for Asia.  Thus, we use a video hosting service (Vidyard) and load our videos into our e-School courses with Embed code.  This way we get good performance globally.

I simply want to:

  •  Load an intro page
  • Load and play a video
  • Once the video is complete, move to a graded question slide
    • Okay if the user has to press a button for this
  • Have the use answer a few questions
  • Report Completion and Grade to LMS via SCORM

I cannot seem to embed the video.  I've tried many of the Embed code options and cannot get it to do what I need.   I can open it in a new window - but after the video plays it does not know to go back to the next slide for the quiz.

Any advice?  THANKS!!!

E-mail campaign: 

<a href="https://embed.vidyard.com/share/mYVt2SWgeAL6cSgcC8NxeC?" target="_blank" title="Don't Make History. Make the Future."><img src="https://play.vidyard.com/mYVt2SWgeAL6cSgcC8NxeC.jpg?email=1&" alt="Don't Make History. Make the Future." /></a>

Inline Embed:
<script type="text/javascript" id="vidyard_embed_code_mYVt2SWgeAL6cSgcC8NxeC" src="//play.vidyard.com/mYVt2SWgeAL6cSgcC8NxeC.js?v=3.1.1&type=inline"></script>

iFrame Embed:
<iframe class="vidyard_iframe" src="//play.vidyard.com/mYVt2SWgeAL6cSgcC8NxeC.html?v=3.1.1" width="960" height="540" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" allowtransparency="true" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Lightbox Embed:
<script type="text/javascript" id="vidyard_embed_code_mYVt2SWgeAL6cSgcC8NxeC" src="//play.vidyard.com/mYVt2SWgeAL6cSgcC8NxeC.js?v=3.1.1&type=lightbox"></script><div class="outer_vidyard_wrapper"><div class="vidyard_wrapper" onclick="fn_vidyard_mYVt2SWgeAL6cSgcC8NxeC();"><img width="360" src="//play.vidyard.com/mYVt2SWgeAL6cSgcC8NxeC.jpg?" alt="Don&#39;t Make History. Make the Future."><div class="vidyard_play_button"><a href="javascript:void(0);"></a></div></div></div>



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