Embed Video only appears on rollover

Nov 13, 2015

I have inserted the embed code from a video hosted on a media hosting website.

I have published the Storyline course. It works ok when I publish and run on my desktop.  However, when I publish online, the video only appears when I roll the mouse over the area where it is  on the slide.  After that it works fine. But the user will never know it's there unless they roll over. This happens in both Chrome and Firefox on a Windows 7 PC.

Is this a security or privacy setting? Any suggestions welcome.

You can see an example on slide 2.6 at http://www.ucd.ie/vavctest/niall/anxiety/

Adding a poster frame does not seem to make a difference

Embed code as provided by host is attached


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Niall Watts

Hi Ashraf

Thanks for taking the time to look at this. I published your sample on my website and it works fine http://www.ucd.ie/vavctest/niall/anxiety/videotest/story.html

I copied your slide as 2.7 into my course and published. I still had the original problem. I went back and looked at your publish settings. To match yours I increased my video quality to 9 and deselected iOS player.  Still the same problem.  I have cleared cache. I am out of ideas.  May be something to do with buffering? Any further suggestions welcome. 


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