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Hi Support,

I have 36 videos to embed into slides.  I must add them as a resource as well... so I will have 72 videos in total.

My eLearning module is now massive and there is a strict limit on the size of the eLearning module.  Videos have already been compressed.

I am looking into "Insert>Video from Website", because I would like the video to play in the slide i.e. be embedded.  I have discovered:

  • We can't load directly from YouTube.
  • I can load videos from Vimeo (but we don't want Vimeo logo showing, if we could disable logo then maybe that is okay).
  • Web object opens the entire webpage.  We would like only the singular video to open in the slide.
  • I can't load videos from other websites (tried dailymotion).

Question 1:  We could buy a website address and host all our videos there.  Would this work?

Question 2:  What is the best method for embedded videos?

I would also like the video to have a nice big play button on the front, like attachment 1.png.

Question 3:  How do we get the big play button on the front?

Thanks again.


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Christie Pollick

Hi, Matt -- Thanks for your question and for the thorough outline of the parameters in which you need your embedded video to function. As you mentioned that youtube will not work for your purposes, and the web object opens the entire webpage, but you would like only the singular video to open in the slide, you may want to check out the suggestion offered in this thread

As you also mentioned that removal of the Vimeo logo could potentially work for you, you may want to check out the suggestions offered here and let us know if any of those options will do the trick. 

And, as for the play button you requested, I will defer to the community to share their ideas and suggestions. :)

Michael Shannon

Hey Matt. The thing about videos that are hosted is that you need a streaming server to host them. While you could technically host them yourself you'll be setting your learners up for a frustrating experience. That's why YouTube and Vimeo are so successful as they stream the videos. There's a lot going on behind the scenes that a simple web hosting account cannot handle. 

If you have decided against YouTube and Vimeo then I'd suggest getting an account on one of the other video streaming services. I've had great success with Vzaar (they're elearning oriented). Brightcove and some others that I don't immediately recall can also stream. Of course it comes with a cost. That's why so many use YouTube and Vimeo. 

That's 1 & 2. For three you just need to add a graphic over the video. HOWEVER, there are settings in most of the streaming services that allow you to control the look of the video. In addition to the button you refer to, you can also set when the video begins (as soon as it loads or on click), size, scrubber settings, the still that the learner sees before the video starts, etc. 

Matthew Brannan

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for the replies!

We decided to purchase a Vimeo PRO account as this allows us to embed the video in the slide and also allows us to customise the video player (i.e. remove the Vimeo logo).

@Christie - thanks for the links, very useful.

@Michael - Your reply was very helpful!  I must admit I didn't consider "normal" websites vs. "streaming" websites, so thanks for saving me some time.  I never investigated the other streaming types as Vimeo did everything we needed it to, but i will keep them in mind if we need alternatives.

@Russ - thanks for replying.  We created all the videos ourselves and were going to host on Youtube becuase we already had a Youtube account.  Unfortunately this is no longer supported, so Youtube is not involved any longer.  Their loss and Vimeo's gain!