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I am trying to publish a training module for world wide distribution. The problem we have is that some locations that will take the training have a rather slow internet connection. As the modules contain a lot of videos the loading times become too long.

Our solution to the problem is, to have the videos on local servers and not embedded in the training modules. 

The problem I have now though is, that I can't get the "Video from Website" function to work. Alternatively I tried to insert a Web Object in form of a basic html file that streams the video. I got this to work, however it only works in the preview. When I publish the module, the web object is gone and doesn't appear anywhere.

I am at a loss. I tried a flash base player for the html file as well as an html5 player. Both give me the same problem.

Any other ideas anybody?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Niels,

Thanks for letting us know that you did test through your LMS. To also help determine if it's the LMS or your Storyline file, you will also want to test at SCORM Cloud which is an industry standard testing method for SCORM Content and see if the behavior persists there. If not, you'll want to connect with your LMS team. If the object still isn't working at SCORM Cloud can you share the Storyline file with us? 

Niels Vollrath

Hi Ashley,

I uploaded it to SCORM Cloud. Same problem.


I wanted to attach the story file. I created an example with just one slide and the web object inserted. Weirdly enough though, the file size is 35MB, which I guess is too big for an attachment. I did not insert the video, though the file size matches the size of the video.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Niels,

The limit in the forums is 20mb I believe. You could do a few things to share it with me:

  • Share a link to the website here (or in a private message) where I could access the video and try to link in my own Storyline file
  • Connect with our Support engineers and send them the file (larger uploads allowed)
  • Or, I can send you directions on how to send directly to me

Let me know what way you'd like to proceed!