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I've been trying to embed an YouTube video in one of my slides, but I cannot get native player controls to come with it. I've copied the embed code from YouTube like it says to do (iframe and old embed code), but when the video is playing all i get is a hand that can play and pause when I click on the video. Any suggestions?

Edit: I've created custom buttons on the bottom that play and pause the video, but still looking for a way to include the native controls.

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nancy boyd

Leslie, thanks for the quick response.  Maybe my confusion comes because in both methods you embed code or use embed in the url.  I understand the difference of your article, different features, etc.  I guess what I really mean, is what if you just copy and paste the url to a youtube video in storyline.  How does this differ from embedding code or using the word embed in the url?

Is the difference in viewing the youtube video on your server or on the youtube server?