Embedded Engage not working on Windows 7 OS

Hi all:

I have a question I'm hoping someone can answer.  I've published a Storyline learning that has some Engage pieces embedded into it.  Without thinking, I published with the defaults (meaning HTML 5 and "Use Articulate Mobile Player on iPad").

It seems that when I publish this way, people who are on WIndows XP are able to view the Engage pieces, but those on Windows 7 cannot.  I tried to publish without the HTML 5 and "Use Articulate..." options selected, and am waiting to hear if anyone has challenges.

Has anyone else had similar experiences with Windows 7 and Windows XP?  Any assistance is much appreciated.



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Justin Grenier

Good Afternoon, Judy.

This difference is more likely due to differing browser environments than Windows OSes.  Do you know what Internet Browser(s) is/are being used on the machines that aren't working versus the ones that are?  Also, would you mind sharing a URL to your published course so that we can take a look?

If your content is proprietary, please feel free to submit a Support Case (and include a copy of your .story file) and we'll take a look at the problem in a more private environment.  Thanks!