Embedded movie opening in new window on iPhone

Hi Gurus,

Am I missing a setting somewhere? When I play my Storyline 2 module on the iPhone (using Safari through Litmos), the embedded videos and sounds are opening in a new window, although they shouldn't and they don't on a lap top.

Any clues on how to get it to run normally in the module?

thank you!


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Victoria!

That is the expected behavior. Documentation is below.

You may find that videos expand to fill the screen when viewed in mobile Safari on iPhones.

This is expected behavior. Mobile Safari automatically scales videos to fit the screens of smaller devices, such as iPhones. (See Apple's developer documentation for details.)

If you need to avoid this behavior, we recommend viewing courses with videos on larger screens, such as iPads, laptops, and desktop computers. Or, create a simplified version of the course that doesn't include videos for iPhone users.