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Apr 03, 2014

Dear all,

I am having problems running an embedded video.  It is a Youtube video and it works fine in Articulate but when the story is published the video doesn't run, the screen is blank.

Any help you can give would be much appreciated.

Regards, Kerrie.

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Joel Mills

Thanks for the reply Sarunas. I am a colleague of Kerrie and the support item you suggest does not answer the problem.

I have played with the files and tried both methods.

Method 1. Insert embed code...

Youtube video is not playing in the published file. It just spools and I get the youtube logo but no video.

It is like the flash within the flash cannot communicate with YouTube properly....

HTML5 version does not work either.

Method 2. Insert as web object

Works fine in HTML5 output but not as Flash output....

This issue has been tested on Mac, PC and on different networks.... All youtube content plays no problem on all networks/devices when accessed normally in Browser, so this has to be a storyline issue....

ANy more ideas?

We can use the HTML5 work around for now.


Joel Mills

Hi all,

We have a solution that allows the embed code method....

All that needs to happen is the Articulate files need to be hosted on a live webserver.

The published files simply get uploaded via WebDav or FTP to the web server and the link gets sent out to the story.html file. 

Then the browser will launch the appropriate files (HTML5/Flash/Articulate player for iPad)

Kerrie... I'll show you how we did it when you next see me. Files can be hosted in eBridge and all work ok.


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