Embedded video file in 360 - audio muffled for first 10secs

I have a SL360 story that contains 3 or 4 embedded video files. Of these, the audio of one is consistently muffled for the first 10s of playback. Then the audio reverts to normal. This does not happen in the other videos, and all play fine outside of storyline. 

I did try deleting and re-embedding the video file, with no improvement.  On a hunch, I allowed the video in question to play through to the end, then replayed the slide on which it's embedded. When replayed, the audio is fine from the beginning.

 There is lead time on the video, so not sure why the audio is processing like this. But would welcome any ideas of how to get it to work from the start, without having to reload the slide. 




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Caryn Carman

Hi again,

So while Renson's advice worked initially, I am now experiencing the same issue again. Basically, I rebuilt the file as per his instructions and things were ok. I then made some other changes to the file and did a "save as" to update the version number. Since that "save as", the muffled audio is back. 

I don't know that I still have the case number or reference info, so that's why I thought I'd pick up the thread here. 

All help much appreciated!


PS - I did do the latest Storyline update a couple of weeks ago