Embedded video not playing in LMS


I have published my course to Moodle that has an embedded MP4 video. The video plays ok in the articulate preview, but does not play for anyone when packaged and uploaded to Moodle.

I've spoken to our Moodle support team who've said it's not them, they think it's a problem in articulate.

Has anyone experienced this or have any suggestions on how to get the video playing please?


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Susi B

Hey Sam,

we work on networt drives too and it works fine for us. We had a similar issue with videos in an engage too (on iPad and in firefox). Try to add a trigger which starts the media file when timeline starts. It fixed our iOS problem. In our case the video was on a second layer which was shown when the base slide starts.

Maybe this helps in your case too. Try to test your course in IE too, this seems to cause less problems. Maybe you have to update flash to the latest version.