Embedded Video Timeline Sync

Mar 20, 2017

Hi All!

I am trying to sync an embedded video from the web to align with Stoyline 2 timeline. 

Currently, I have an .mp4 video under the embedded video in the timeline. But, after I publish the course, and pause the embedded file, the course goes out of sync. It cuts off before the video actual end point.

Is there any way to give the embedded video override control of the timeline in Articulate Storyline?

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Leslie McKerchie

Gotcha - thanks Sirron, I seem to be having Monday brain all over again today.

Once you add something else to your slide (something that you could utilize triggers on or even a slide layer), then you will see the options available to you:

The reason you can utilize it as an object within a trigger is due to the video not truly being a part of your course and tied to your timeline, as it is hosted elsewhere.

This, of course, is the opposite of utilizing a saved video that you actually add to your course from your local computer that integrates with your slide timeline.

Hope that makes a bit more sense. I apologize for any confusion coming from me in my struggle to keep up with your questions today.

Sirron Carrector

The only reason we are exploring embedded videos is because of the limited captioning options in Articulate. Is there a way to attach a previously generated .srt or similar caption file to a locally saved video? It's not very efficient to have to build captions from scratch when we already have caption files that we can easily attach to the embedded videos we are using.

Please advise

Leslie McKerchie

Ah, that makes sense Sirron. We introduced Closed Captioning with Storyline 360 since this was something our customers shared as a needed feature request.

I'm not very familiar with any 3rd party tools that would assist you in linking your video to your .srt file.

We have had users create workarounds for Storyline 2, for example this download.

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