Embedded Videos as Web Objects

Apr 13, 2021

Hi!  When a video is embedded as a web object, is there a way to pause the video if the learner leaves the browser?  Currently, the Storyline timeline will pause when the user leaves the browser, but the video embedded as a web object will continue to play.  This creates an out of synch issue between the embedded video and the Storyline timeline.  Any ideas or solutions are greatly appreciated!

Note from Storyline 3 User Guide: Website videos play independently of the slide and aren’t controlled by the timeline.

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Nick!

Great question! An embedded video from the website has its own video control, and it is independent of the timeline. Thus, pausing the timeline will still make the video play.

For the Storyline timeline to control the video, you need to download the video and insert it in your Storyline file as a video file.

I'm eager to see what other community members recommend if they've included this type of interaction in their course!

Nicholas Wehrle

Me too!  Unfortunately, our LMS team does not allow the videos to be inserted within Storyline as a video file because we experience playback issues for users with low bandwidth.  It would be really cool if Articulate added a feature that allowed the developer to decide if the timeline should pause or not when the learner leaves the browser.  This would be helpful for countdown timers as well (which seems to be a common problem on other threads).